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Unique Room Addition Ideas

A room addition is a significant remodeling project, and one that requires careful consideration in regards to the space’s theme. If you wish to create a highly-unusual space, use the following ideas courtesy of your Los Angeles remodeling general contractors to inspire you.

Spa Room

Turn the room addition into your own private spa. Install a hot tub or small indoor pool, as well as a massage table, manicure/pedicure station, foot bath station, and anything else that helps you relax and unwind. Depending on the size of the room, you might be able to create a “lounge” space full of big, comfy chairs or couches and plenty of reading material.

Music Room

Dedicate the new room entirely to music if you or family members are musically-inclined. Make space for all instruments, such as a piano or a few guitars, as well as an area for sheet music and all other related accessories. A music room is also a great space for hanging your framed posters of bands and singers from childhood and displaying concert tickets and other memorabilia.

Vanity Space

Transform the room addition into a walk-in closet and vanity space. Add a bathroom if you have the square footage and budget. A vanity room is ideal if you and your family members are constantly bickering over bathroom space or complaining about the lack of closet space in your house. Set up vanity tables and chairs for each member of the family to “primp” and otherwise get ready for assorted events.

Laundry Room With A Fridge

Use your new room as a laundry room if you’re tired of washing clothes in the basement or a cramped laundry space. A large room offers plenty of square footage for a washer and dryer, and don’t forget to add a sink for doing hand laundry. Go a step further and install an extra refrigerator or freezer in the room, or a powder room if your house could use an another toilet.

Discuss these and other unique room addition ideas with the experienced team at Joel & Co. Construction!

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