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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas for your Home

If your kitchen looks like something out of a bad ‘70s movie, it’s high time for an update. Think about your budget as well as your kitchen size before considering your kitchen remodeling options, which may end up including expansion. Your kitchen remodeling experts in Studio City are happy to work with you through every step of the process, and offer the following ideas to inspire you:

Open Shelving

Open shelving in lieu of upper cabinets is a great way to breathe new life into your kitchen. Such shelving makes small kitchens appear larger, and provides display options. Use shelving for large platters, attractive baskets and containers, planted herbs, and more.

Large Window

Proper lighting is imperative in any kitchen, as using sharp knives and hot pots gets dangerous in the dark! Consider adding sizable hanging lights to your kitchen if you don’t have them already, or go bigger by installing a large window. Expand on one or more windows, or knock out part of a wall if possible.

Appliance Upgrade

Another way to update your kitchen is by upgrading your appliances. Energy-efficient stainless steel models not only look sleek, they also contribute to lower utility bills. Look for ENERGY STAR-certified options for best results.

Hardware Update

There’s plenty of inexpensive possibilities regarding kitchen remodeling, such as updating the hardware. New cabinet drawer knobs and handles increase kitchen fluidity and simply look fabulous.

Backsplash Change

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen or making over your current one also significantly changes the look of your kitchen. Go for a classic option, such as clean white or white and black tiling, or something a bit more edgy, such as repurposed barn wood or chalkboard. There’s even backsplashes made of out of pennies! Other unusual ideas include mosaics, wine corks, and magnetic paint.

For more kitchen remodeling ideas, contact your Studio City contractors at Joel & Co.


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