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Tips on Making the Most of your Bathroom Remodel

1428522541-0326_500wWhen it comes to making the decision on remodeling your bathroom, the budget is the main factor that pretty much determines it all. On an average a bathroom remodel costs around $10,500, an upscale remodel can cost you around $26,000. There are times were you can get away with giving your bathroom a cosmetic lift for less than $10K. You just have to be very careful on where your funds are being directed to. When working with a bathroom contractor, keep in mind that you are paying for a professional service that will ultimately save you from making costly errors in the long run if you plan on doing it yourself. The contractor will guide you towards the right direction on where it makes sense to splurge if you will, and where you can save a couple of bucks and still end up with a nicely designed bathroom.

Below are a few tips to keep your bathroom remodeling project within budget:

  • Splurge where it matters:
    If you want to splurge on an item, find ways to save elsewhere. If having your custom built double vanity with a make-up section is at the top of your wish list, you can cut costs on lighting fixtures, towel racks, and even on the plumbing fixtures.
  • Limit your tile:
    Tile can get really expensive, especially if you are drawn to the higher-end artistic looking tile. If your heart is set on the pricier tile you can limit the quantity by only using it as an accent tile paired up with an inexpensive filed tile. That way you save some cash, and make the accent tile more noticeable.
    Another tip on saving up on tile, is by applying it where it matters the most. For example the floors and shower walls need tiling, however you can use inexpensive tile for those applications and use the pretty decorative tile around your vanity where it’s the most visible; adding the designer touch for everyone to see.
  • Paint:
    If you would like to save even more money, then re-painting will cater to your budget friendly needs. It is the most cost effective way to give your bathroom a fresh new look. If you decide to go this route, your Los Angeles general contractor will be sure to point out that it is highly recommended to invest a little more on high quality paint with a satin finish in order to prevent mold and mildew from easily developing.
  • Update fixtures:
    The small details are what matters the most, they tie everything together achieving a cohesive look. For example updating the light fixtures, plumbing fixtures (i.e. shower head & valve and sink faucets), towel racks, and cabinet pulls are a relatively small investment.

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