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Honesty, Reliability, and Superior Craftsmanship.

Joel & Co. Construction is led by second-generation general contractor Joel Portillo and supported by his team who serve the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles areas. Licensed by the California State Board, the company understands the importance of completing every project with complete client satisfaction and pride themselves on exceeding expectations.

The company has been built from slowly assembling a humble and reliable team of experts as well as a steady stream of referrals from satisfied and returning clients. With over 5,000 completed jobs ranging from small to large-scale, Joel & Co. Construction has truly earned their reputation as one of southern California’s premiere contractors.

The focus always remains on providing excellent service and quality workmanship for all projects. From the start of estimating, through the rough construction phase the company maintains full control — ensuring that every stage of the way is done with detail. In the end we deliver a space that is warm, clean, stylish, and contemporary.

Joel & Co. Construction

As a seasoned general contracting company, Joel & Co. understands that construction is more than simply following drawings and making sure that a building is up to code. It’s about making a vision come to life. This means that the details are just as important as the structural elements. Whether it is the way a joint comes together, or the careful installation of a fine material, this team understands how to deliver excellence. From concept through completion, each milestone is met with the highest level of professionalism and craftsmanship. The company stands behinds the work fully and makes sure clients are involved and included every step of the way. Feel free to inquire about full warranty details.

Our Philosophy

To be successful in the construction industry, a company must be led by a respected and ethical contractor who has authentically inspired superior craftsmanship, and dedication. A contractor is only as good as his team — and Joel & Co. is committed to hiring experienced professionals who share a deep commitment to quality.

The company must exemplify teamwork, integrity, honesty, and attention to detail each and every step of the way, which naturally creates an ideal and safe construction environment for everyone.

About Joel Portillo

Joel Portillo began his life-long career in construction very early when working over his high school summer vacations in as an apprentice to both his father as well as his uncle. His father led his own concrete and framing company and his uncle specialized as an electrical and plumbing contractor. Joel worked hard and passionately to learn as much as he could from his mentors and eventually became a foreman for both his father and uncle’s company.

During his many years as foreman, Joel constantly encountered people who were in desperate need of a reliable, ethical and efficient general contractor. After hearing endless stories of unfortunate experiences homeowners had with contractors, Joel was motivated and encouraged to attend school and become licensed.

Since the founding Joel & Co. Construction in 1983, Joel has continued to build his company’s reputation on the same set of principles that have guided him throughout his life. He is devoted to hard work, honesty and beauty, and is determined to be the best general contractor and custom home builder in Los Angeles by making the dreams of each client a reality.


General Contractor Lic. #967864   |   Professional Engineer Lic. #C86337
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