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Los Angeles General Contractors
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Joel & Co. Construction is a premier general contracting company located in Los Angeles, California serving the San Fernando Valley as well as the greater Los Angeles region. Specializing in new construction, custom home building, residential renovations, and commercial construction, Joel & Co. always strives toward sustainable, eco-friendly construction, and best practices. The company thrives on making the difficult, delightful and is particularly passionate about kitchen and bathroom remodeling and room additions.

Joel & Co. takes pride in quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and provides full and open communication with each and every client. With each project, it is understood that this is not about simply putting up walls or tile — it is about manifesting the vision of the client and keeping that vision the central focus throughout the construction process. For these reasons, the company is among the most trusted and fastest-growing renovation specialists and custom home builders in Los Angeles.

Who We Are

With over 50 years of combined experience, Joel & Co. Construction has steadily grown from a modest home remodeling contractor into a large-scale commerical and residential construction business. Today, the company continues to maintain their client-first approach, and insist on bringing integrity, honesty, and transparency to every job, every time.

The company’s continued success is due in part to their commitment to practicing safe construction methods and strict compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. They work closely with clients, civil and structural engineers, architects and designers with a collaborative mindset and a common goal: to deliver a successful and beautiful project.

Our Services

Joel & Co. Construction is often recognized as one of the leading general contracting companies in Los Angeles due to superior craftsmanship and ability to understand and execute high-level aesthetic excellence that clients desire. Whether the project calls for a traditional, contemporary, or modern design, the team will oversee every phase of construction. These teams are comprised of experts who specialize in numerous types of services and construction projects:

General Contracting

From remodeling to building a new home from the ground up, Joel & Co. is passionate about creating a rewarding construction experience for our clients, our designers and trade partners, and our team.

Custom Home Building

The team at Joel & Co. possess a powerful understanding of the design process, and the creativity to synthesize it with construction planning.

Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling the kitchen is a great way to give a home a facelift. Working within the client’s budget, Joel & Co. provides the best service and return on investment.

Bathroom Remodeling

Joel & Co. can transform any bathroom into a desirable retreat ⁠— bringing the vision of the homeowner to life by redesigning and remodeling their old bathrooms and transforming them into a dream space.

Room Additions

Adding additional rooms is an important job and is best left to an experienced room addition contractor. Joel & Co. provides renditions of the general and specific areas of the home to present the best plan of action for the new addition.

Commercial Construction

Whether you need to renovate a restaurant or build a new, high-end spa, Joel & Co.’s quality workmanship makes the planning and construction process simple and easy ⁠— resolving in a practical and attractive commercial space.

Building Better Relationships

Joel & Co. Construction prides itself on being a different kind of company. The strong commitment to quality construction that the company is renowned for, in turn builds devotion and trust and better relationships with clients. Throughout the construction process, the teams maintain communication and transparency — and if something is wrong, it is guaranteed to be made right.

Whether you’re looking for a general contractor in Los Angeles to finally give you the kitchen you deserve, or an experienced team of custom home builders to bring your dream house to life, the team cannot wait to work with you. To find out more about what Joel & Co. Construction can do for you, or to inquire about any of our services, feel free to contact us today.


Kitchen Remodel Project

Beautiful Styles for Your Kitchen Remodel Project

When it comes to kitchen remodel projects, choosing the right style is crucial for achieving a beautiful and functional space. Whether you prefer a classic, modern, or farmhouse-inspired kitchen, here are three stunning styles to consider for your renovation project: 1. Classic Elegance Classic kitchens never go out of style. They are characterized by timeless design elements that exude elegance and sophistication. Some key features of a classic kitchen include: Cabinetry: They often feature raised-panel or shaker-style cabinets with ornate…

Custom Home Building

5 Benefits of Custom Home Building Projects

Building a home is a significant life decision, and choosing between buying an existing property or opting for a custom home building project can be a challenging choice. While pre-existing homes offer convenience, they may not always fulfill your unique vision and lifestyle needs. On the other hand, custom home building allows you to create a dream home from the ground up, tailor-made to suit your preferences and desires. In this blog, we explore the five major benefits of embarking…

home renovation project

Guide to Prepare For a Home Renovation Project

Embarking on a home renovation project can be an exciting yet overwhelming endeavor. Whether you're planning to remodel your kitchen, renovate your bathroom, or give your entire home a makeover, proper preparation is key to ensuring a successful and stress-free renovation experience. In this guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to prepare for your project. Define Your Renovation Goals Start by clearly defining your renovation goals. What do you hope to achieve with this project? Identify the…

luxury ceilings

Best Luxury Ceilings For Your Living Room

The living room is the heart of the home, a place where comfort meets style and where memories are made. When it comes to creating a luxurious and captivating living room, the design of the ceiling plays a pivotal role. A well-designed and meticulously crafted ceiling can transform an ordinary living room into a breathtaking space that exudes elegance and sophistication. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best luxury ceilings for your living room, showcasing exquisite…

Vintage Styles

Vintage Styles For Your Remodeling Project

Vintage styles have been popular in interior design for many years and continue to be a sought-after look for homeowners. If you're planning a remodeling project and want to incorporate vintage elements, there are many styles to choose from. In this blog, we'll explore some styles that are sure to add character and charm to your home. Mid-Century Modern A vintage style that originated in the 1950s and 60s. This style is characterized by clean lines, geometric shapes, and a…


DIY Garden Remodel Ideas

Gardens are an extension of our homes, and it’s a wonderful feeling to step into a well-designed, beautiful garden that’s a reflection of our personality. However, not all of us have the resources to hire professional landscapers to transform our gardens. DIY garden remodels ideas are cost-effective, creative, and can add a personal touch to your outdoor space. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some great remodel ideas that you can use to transform your garden. Create a Garden…

remodel your bathroom

Inspo Ideas to Help You Remodel Your Bathroom in 2023

If you're looking to remodel your bathroom in 2023, there are plenty of inspiring ideas to consider. From modern and minimalist designs to classic and cozy styles, there are endless possibilities for transforming your bathroom into a space that suits your needs and reflects your personal style.  In this blog post, we'll explore some of the best inspiration ideas for remodeling your bathroom this year.   Natural and organic elements One trend that's set to continue in 2023 is the…

remodeling your Los Angeles home

8 Reasons Why NOW is the Time to Remodel Your Los Angeles Home

Are you considering remodeling your home in Los Angeles, CA? If so, you're in luck because there has never been a better time to take on this exciting project. In this article, we'll explore all the reasons why now is the perfect time to remodel your home in Los Angeles. 1. Increase Your Home's Value One of the biggest benefits of remodeling your home is the increase in its value. By updating your home's features and functionality, you can attract…


A Guide to Creating the Patio of Your Dreams

A beautiful and functional patio can be a game-changer for any home, adding value to your property, increasing your outdoor living space, and providing a place for relaxation and entertainment. Whether you are considering a complete overhaul or just looking to make some updates, patio remodeling can transform your outdoor area into a beautiful and functional space.   Benefits of a Beautiful Patio   Having a beautiful patio has many benefits for homeowners, including:   Increased Property Value: Remodeling your…


Must Have Bathroom Backsplash Ideas in 2023

If replacing your current bathroom backsplash is on your to-do list, allow your Los Angeles bathroom remodeling experts help! Joel & Co. Construction specializes in bathroom backsplashes among many other services, and will happily install something new and refreshing. With so many popular backsplash ideas to choose from, it can be hard to decide which look is best for you. Benefits of Upgrading Your Backsplash The ultimate benefit of having a backsplash that you love is the ability to truly…


4 Great Deck Planning Tips

If a deck is what’s missing from your backyard, review a few planning tips from the Los Angeles general contractors at Joel & Co. Construction. The contractors offer much experience in deck building and understand it as a very personal home construction project. Keep their tips in mind to create a stunning deck ideal for relaxing, grilling, and entertaining friends and family. Start deck planning by finding inspiration. Get an idea of the deck you’re aiming to create and what materials you…


Prepare For Your Upcoming Home Renovation Like a Pro

While there may not be a secret to making your home renovation stress free, there are certainly ways to make it go more smoothly. Preparing your home for an upcoming renovation can be a daunting task, but if done properly it can be a smooth and successful experience. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your home is ready for its big makeover. Purchase a Key Lockbox If you're renovating your home consider investing in a key lockbox. You'll…

Kitchen Remodel Project

What is the Most Expensive Part of Your Los Angeles Kitchen Remodel?

When it comes to kitchen remodels, Los Angeles homeowners have a lot of choices to make. From flooring to cabinets, appliances to countertops, there are many different expenses to consider. But which ones are the most expensive? Read on for a breakdown of the four most costly items in your kitchen remodel! How to Budget for Your Los Angeles Kitchen Remodel Kitchen remodels are popular projects for many homeowners. Whether you're upgrading your existing kitchen or starting from scratch, there…


Tips for Building a Home in Los Angeles in 2022

Are you thinking of building a home in Los Angeles in 2022? If so, you’re in luck! The city is growing by leaps and bounds, and there are plenty of new neighborhoods popping up all over town. Here are some tips to help you get started.  First and foremost, make sure you research the building regulations in the area. It’s important to know what zoning laws, building codes, and permit requirements exist before breaking ground. Doing your homework will help…


What’s Cheaper: Buying or Building a House?

It's a common debate: is it cheaper to buy or build a house? The answer, like most things in life, is complicated. There are pros and cons to both buying and building, and the answer depends on your specific situation. Here's a look at some of the factors you'll need to consider when making this decision. How much does it cost to build a house? To get a baseline idea of what it may cost to buy a home, you…


Must-Have Additions for Your Holiday Kitchen Remodel

The holidays are around the corner and there is no better time to remodel your kitchen. Especially if you are the one hosting the holiday party this year. If so, how exciting?! So why not impress your family with the kitchen of your dreams? For some inspiration, the following additions will turn any boring kitchen into the focal point of your home. Start your kitchen remodel today! Kitchen Island A kitchen island is a great way to add extra counter…


Great DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Is your bathroom looking a little down in the dumps? Could it use a glow-up? Follow this guide to the best DIY bathroom remodels to turn your bathroom into an asset on a budget. How to Remodel a Bathroom In 6 Steps 1. Remove Bathroom Fixtures If you're planning a DIY bathroom remodel, one of the first things you'll need to do is remove the old bathroom fixtures. This can be a bit tricky, depending on what type of fixtures…


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