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How to Remodel a Small Bathroom

If you’re tired of your plain or otherwise unattractive small bathroom, there’s plenty you can do to dress it up. Remodeling a small bathroom is actually a relatively inexpensive process, especially if using more costly materials, such as tile for walls and flooring. Check out a few remodeling ideas for small bathrooms courtesy of your favorite Los Angeles general contractors:

Pedestal Sinks

One of the numerous ways to create the illusion of more space in a small bathroom is with a pedestal sink. Such sinks take up very little space, easily fit into a bathroom corner if necessary, and simply look fabulous. Pair a pedestal sink with a claw-foot tub for a classic, old-world look.

Mosaic Flooring

Because you’re working with a small space, you have more flooring options available to you. As previously mentioned, retiling the floor in a small bathroom won’t cost a proverbial arm and leg, allowing you to get creative. Try mosaic flooring in a desired pattern or design for a completely unique look. Feel free to get as colorful as you want, which looks especially unusual when paired with an otherwise-white bathroom.

Light-Colored Wallpaper

Another inexpensive bathroom remodeling option, use light-colored wallpaper to open up the space. Remember, dark colors make spaces seem smaller, while light hues do the opposite. Wallpaper also serves as an alternative when you don’t want to tile your entire bathroom wall.

Horizontal Mirror

A large mirror hung in horizontal fashion also helps make a small bathroom space appear larger. Try one that spans the entire length of the room for a highly-stylish effect.

Custom Sideboard

Customized, miniature sideboards create distinct focal points in small bathrooms. Look for those featuring Asian-inspired designs, as well as those featuring rich, dark wood.

Dose of Color

Small bathrooms are always less drab when splashed with a bit of color. Incorporate color via rugs, towels, and assorted decor pieces. Keep the walls, flooring, and sink neutral so colors stand out all the more.

For more remodeling ideas for small bathrooms, contact your Los Angeles general contractors at Joel & Co. Construction today.


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