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Home Improvement Ideas To Utilize This Holiday Season

Give your house a mini upgrade before holiday season madness takes over this year, especially if hosting numerous parties and out-of-town guests. Refresh your home with the help of the Los Angeles remodeling contractors at Joel & Co. Construction to create the welcoming atmosphere you desire.

Review a few ideas to inspire your renovation efforts:

Kitchen Upgrade

Provide the hub of your home with an update so it’s ready to handle holiday cooking and related preparations. Consider updating kitchen cabinets and hardware, replacing old fixtures, installing new countertops such as granite or marble options, and investing in stainless steel appliances. Even a few updates makes a major difference.

Entryway Update

Refresh your home’s entryway to welcome guests in style. Replace old or worn-out runners, including those on entryway-area staircases, and consider removing carpet to reveal the hardwood flooring underneath, or waxing existing hardwood flooring so it gleams like it should. Other quick and easy updates include new side tables, a fresh coat of paint, and perhaps a new picture or three on adjacent walls.

Living Room Improvement

Look around your living room to see what can be improved, such as hardwood floor refinishing, a new paint job, or the installation of a new fireplace mantel. Think neutral tones if the mantel is a possibility, such as gray or white. Both look exceptional as backdrops for Christmas stockings!

Bathroom Makeover

Make your bathrooms sparkle this holiday season, particularly if accommodating overnight guests. Refinish bathtubs and shower stalls instead of replacing them–refinishing is inexpensive, takes little time, and leaves you with a like-new tub or shower. Replace fixtures and perhaps your sinks, and get rid of any outdated wallpaper.

Discuss these and other home improvement projects ideal for the pre-holiday season with the general contractors at Joel & Co. Construction today! Contact the builders to learn more about transforming your home.


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