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Should You Refinish Or Replace Your Hardwood Floors?

Refinishing your hardwood floors is generally less expensive than replacing them. It is arguably the more time-consuming project because it requires use of sanders, buffers, edgers, base coat sealers, brushes, putty knives, and topcoat sealers. Refinishing takes about four or five days and the floor cannot be walked upon during that time. Replacement takes less time because it mainly involves putting new lumber down. If you cannot decide whether refinishing or replacing your hardwood flooring is best, use the following tips from your Los Angeles building contractors to make your decision.

Severe Water Damage

Serious water damage may call for flooring replacements. Cracking and peeling are two signs of water damage, while buckling is the most severe sign of damage. Contact your Los Angeles general contractors to determine if the wood can be salvaged or if total replacement is required.


The age of your hardwood flooring indicates whether refinishing or replacement is best. For example, if the flooring is over 100 years old, is soft and bouncy, and has been refinished five or more times, replacement is the better option.

Wood Species

If you would like to change the species of wood, replacement is best. Perhaps you want something classic such as oak, or would prefer an exotic species such as Brazilian cherry. If replacing hardwood flooring is not in your budget, keep in mind refinishing the floors is also a way to change their appearance. Change the color, texture, and overall “look” of the floors with refinishing.


As previously mentioned, refinishing takes more time than replacing. If budget constraints are not an issue and you would rather have the job done quickly, opt for replacement.

Discuss refinishing versus replacing hardwood flooring with your general contractors today!

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