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Easy Kitchen Renovation Ideas Before Holiday Craziness Takes Over

The holiday season is officially here, and if you’re hosting Christmas this year and haven’t commissioned any changes or updates to your kitchen just yet, don’t panic. There’s plenty of little things you can do to refresh this oft-used room that will likely serve as a gathering place this holiday. Try the following ideas from your Los Angeles general contractor to enjoy a beautifully-updated kitchen friends and family will compliment you on.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

Add a fresh coat to paint to your kitchen before the holiday parties start. Choose a warmer day if possible so you can leave the windows open a little for ventilation purposes. It’s amazing what a new coat of paint can do to any room, and since paint is so inexpensive, you’ve got yourself a cheap-yet-fabulous renovation option. Update neutral kitchen colors or go for bold hues to wow all who enter.

Hardware Replacement

Replace the hardware on kitchen cabinets to give the space a nice ‘lil revamp. New hardware is an easy way to make cabinets look new again, and there’s plenty of fun and unusual options to pick from. Add shiny new hardware and see if you don’t notice a big difference in your kitchen’s overall look.

New Fixtures

Replace outdated fixtures with unique options such as chandelier-inspired lighting or anything else that speaks to your aesthetic. A dazzling light fixture easily becomes the focal point of the room and provides a fun talking point for guests. Browse flea markets and auctions for fixtures you won’t find anywhere else.

Backsplash Update

Get rid of an old or dingy-looking backsplash that’s bringing down the entire look of your kitchen. Choose from mosaic-inspired options or get creative with backsplashes made of old tin or other recycled materials, such as pennies!

Try one or all of these ideas this holiday season!

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