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3 Deck Planning Tips

If a deck is what’s missing from your backyard, review a few planning tips from the Los Angeles general contractors at Joel & Co. Construction. The contractors offer much experience in deck building and understand it as a very personal home construction project. Keep their tips in mind to create a stunning deck ideal for relaxing, grilling, and entertaining friends and family.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Think about how you plan to use the deck before moving forward with the planning process. Will it be an entertainment hub for neighbors, family, and friends? Are you planning on using it as an intimate dining area or meditation space? Is the deck part of a larger outdoor kitchen project? Write out exactly what you plan on using the deck for before discussing ideas with your Los Angeles building contractors.

Consider Shape And Size

Determine the best shape and size of your deck in regards to your backyard. Square and rectangular-shaped decks are the most popular due to their functional, efficient design and cost-effectiveness. However, an L-shaped design might be more in line with your backyard design, or a rounded deck. The latter is an expensive option, but it’s arguably the most aesthetically-pleasing. In terms of size, keep in mind bigger is generally better unless you have a very small backyard. Larger decks offer room for grills, patio furniture, container gardens, and anything else you wish to incorporate.

Consider Materials

Research deck building materials in light of durability, appearance, cost, and maintenance. For example, PVC and composite materials are more expensive, but also essentially maintenance-free. Treated wood materials look beautiful and cost less, but require annual pressure-washing and sealing. Discuss material options with the team at Joel & Co. Construction to come up with a visually-pleasing, low-maintenance solution that suits your budget.

Work with the Los Angeles general contractors to create a beautiful backyard oasis!

For more on deck building and other services, please contact Joel & Co. Construction today.


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